Paris Holiday Hoarders - Explosive Present red guns

Challenge: Use explosive Present to kill a target. I grab the present and book it down to the basement. Place the box in the hallway going into the basement Kitchen. Target goes by and boom, no problem… except that I keep getting red guns. I originally thought maybe I just get red guns because its an explosive like C4 or something. Once I was running a bit behind and threw it at the target in the hallway and blew him up. No red guns so I wondered if there is something I am missing in the proper application of the item to avoid red guns?

Kills with an explosive item will void SA if/when the body is found. So you’re very likely attracting the attention of an NPC when it explodes. You may want to either KO the target/s and place the explosive by their body, then activate it before you exit. Or just be by the exit when you detonate it… This would require knowing the target is in the right spot when you do it.

It’s also possible that that annoying Santa poofed into the Rm and found the body.

If we knew the exact location we might have a better idea of which NPC found the body.


And, for what it’s worth, whether you get Silent Assassin or not should have no bearing on unlocking the challenge. (You do have to be disguised as Santa Claus, though.)


Thank you so much for the response, and apologies for the late reply. The location was the hallway leading into the lower kitchens in the cellar. If you were to follow that hallway the door with the stairs going up would be on your immediate right before entering the kitchen.
I think what happened was that sometimes when I placed the explosive it was blasting his body back down the hall away from the kitchen, hence they were not seeing it. Sometimes it was blasting him into the kitchen (immediate red guns).

The application of the item was mostly to get the achievement (not an ideal item)

I was unaware of this annoying Santa so I will go back into the level and look for him.

KO’ing the target and dragging the body, and placing the explosive to be detonated upon exit is the move to avoid red guns. I appreciate the suggestion.

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This is what I ended up doing to get the achievement. Blowing red guns and just run and gun. I think as the game progresses I will go back and redo a lot of the levels to achieve SA on the runs. I think I can figure out how to SA or SA/SO a lot of the levels with effort.

Do you know if there is a way to tell what your rating is on the previous levels I have completed. I know I completed a challenging escalation. I was 99% sure I was good to go but only got 4 stars. So I must have been seen and not noticed. So as my skills progress it would be helpful to know if I was able to tell what levels were SA and what were not so I could go back and complete them SA.