Patient zero saso

Is there a way to do this saso?

The method MrFreeze shares didn’t work for me.

I found that infections continued to grow.

The key was to get in fast and deal with Owen Cage before he left his room.

Key steps:

  • Bring Disposable Scramblers and a throwable knife
  • Grab the soda can from the rock
  • Move fast
  • Wait for the scientists to leave the room
  • Don’t enter the room, just open the door to take out the scientist (can) and Cage (knife).
  • As the virus dies with the host you can get your knife after a moment.
  • With Cage dead you can stop being concerned about the virus.
  • Use the knife and sink as a distraction taking them out one by one in the bathroom and so on to get to Klaus.

There are two persons who might catch an infection and spread it.
First is that woman in blue that I suppose everyone know of by now and the second one is a lady in white that is sitting in observation room just near director’s office and goes down for a cooled water at about 6 minute mission mark.
So if you isolate those two, you can be confident no one gets infected and you can take your time for the mission.

Second way to do the mission SASO is to kill infected while nobody healthy sees you killing them.
Other infected may see the crime, but you shouldn’t allow them to spread the news.
Once everyone infected are taken care of, you’ll retrieve your SA

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Ended up doing this and getting it done with saso but this level just sucks the patient zero one not the original level

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