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The Undying Livestreams: Part I (CANCELLED!)

Join me this weekend for for the first part of The Season Of The Undying livestreams.

Introduction to the Season of the Undying

For the first part of this event, this will be for me the occasion to introduce you to The Season Of Undying Event through videos, live playthroughs and commentaries all centered around Mark Faba and The Undying pack DLCs.

Twitch Drop (CANCELLED!)

As you saw, there’s an exclusive twitch drop happening. Come and watch me live to get the Purple Duck exclusive twitch drop for FREE!

The Undying Pack DLC FREE Giveaway (DELAYED!)

This will also be your chance to get a grab on a FREE The Undying pack DLCs key, so stay tuned for more updates :wink:

Note: delayed to another stream :frowning:

Stream starts Friday night:


I hope to see you there :slight_smile:

UPDATE: For some reasons the planets weren’t properly aligned with that short event window. The first part of the stream is therefore cancelled :frowning:

Other part of the streams should happen as intended anyway, more details here:

- Season Of The Undying: Community Events -

Stay tuned for updates!

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