PC Controller Poor Joystick Support

I’ve noticed 3 major problems with using controller on PC.

  1. Controller is not supported on Epic version of Hitman 3. You need to jury rig Steam to launch Epic to launch Hitman if you don’t have the game on Steam.
  2. Ever since the latest update, some gunshots (happens often when shooting out cameras for me) will cause the controller to continue vibrating until you shoot again.
  3. Detecting whether the left joystick is fully pushed is very shoddy. I use toggle run, but 47 still randomly slows to a walk with the joystick fully pushed. This happens on both Pro controller and PS4 controller. 47 has only 2 move speeds anyway, even on controller, the joystick zone for running needs to be bigger. Pushing and wiggling the joystick to mitigate this over a long play session strains my hand even worse than playing Devil May Cry.
    Please fix these, thank you.

I suppose Epic controller support is not IOI issue, if I remember correctly, there was talks that it’s Epic Games problem as they didn’t implement controller support in their software.
And maybe other two points is just an outcome of this.
I could be wrong though, but still, I think it worth trying to contact Epic about this and asking them to implement controller support in Epic Games Launcher

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If it’s an Epic issue, I’m wondering why other games I play on Epic eg. Kingdom Hearts work fine with controller. Is there a different way to raise this issue with IOI other than the forums?
Thanks for the reply.

Yes it is.
Head off to https://ioisupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new for contacting IOI Support Team directly.
If your issue gets fixed (if it’s indeed IOI’s side thing) let us know


I use a controller and have launched the game through Epic and can’t say I’ve ever had an issue. I usually launch it through Steam since I would have that up anyway to play any of the other games I’d usually play.

As for the analog stick being pushed all the way but 47 having intermittent spurts of running… That could be the analog stick itself. So you might try to Google for BW-100 electronic cleaner. It would require you to open up your controller, but just spray some on any potentiometers to clear them up, restoring their electrical conductivity assuming they’re being affected by some dirt/dust/debris.

I’m only suggesting this because I’ve had the same issue and ^this resolved it. Good luck.

Edit: A similar issue existed with the right analog trigger. It was acting as if I were barely pulling it even if I wasn’t even touching it. That spray/cleaner fixed that. :+1:

Edit2: FYI, I use a Logitech F310 wired controller. I prefer the PS layout.


I use an Xbox controller on my PC and I have never had a problem with it through Epic, Steam, GOG, or any other program. Why kind of controller are you using?


Thank you for the suggestions. Like I mentioned, I get the same issue on both PS4 and Switch Pro controllers I use. I have no joystick issues on any other game be it Steam, Epic, or Switch.

Oh man! I have a Switch and a 3rd party (but licensed) controller. I’ve tried to reassign the buttons via Steam… I don’t know if I was doing something wrong, but I could never get the buttons set correctly to where I was comfortable using it. Needless to say, it’s going to be used strictly as a Switch controller.

I’ve even tried… No. Thought about getting a PS3 controller to be useable on my PC, but it seems like it’s too much trouble when I have other controllers that I can just plug’n’play.

If you’re not having issues in other games with the joysticks… The only other thing I can think of is checking the stick sensitivity in the game. :man_shrugging: Options > controls (or whatever)…

Same one as the OceanGate sub? :joy:

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