Performance Issues - Stuttering and other

I’ve played hitman one and two on steam without any issues of stuttering in game, but with hitman three I keep getting constant stuttering. I’ve updated the gpu, changed nvidia control settings to use maximum power, lowered in-game settings, and even changed my internet provider. I don’t understand why I cannot maintain a smooth framerate on the epic games launcher.

Also, in order to get my xbox series x controller to function correctly I need to -skip_launcher in the command line of epic, add retail hitman 3 exe into steam, close epic, then start it from steam. Please find a way to fix this.

I suggest you to submit a ticket to official HITMAN 3 Player Support which you can find here:

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The EGS has nothing to do with it, i’m just gonna say that right off the bat. Both EGS and EOS (the overlay) uses significantly less processing power, RAM, and GPU power than Steam when you launch a game. Your issue is definitely an in-game one.

My best guess, judging by your description of your problem, is that your CPU may not be fast enough to handle the decompression of the games’ files when it needs them, Hitman 3 is using a fairly heavy compression algorithm; LZO, to compress all the games’ files from about 250GB (estimated), to about 64GB, which as you may imagine is gonna cause some frequent stuttering if your CPU can’t decompress files fast enough (or if your hard drive is slow, that can cause the same issue).

As an aside, I find it a little odd that there’s no stuttering when you played 2016 or 2, despite my own personal experiences being those games run a bit heavier (especially 2016), and they do stutter when doing specific actions (like going from one area to the next, or if I KO someone in a specific way). This game is not an easy one to run, and it will stutter loading things in the background.