Personal Briefings (made by you!)

Hey! This forum was created for players who like briefings and would like to create their own or make a briefing based on another user. Your briefing can be anything you like, its better if you add actual data and certain topics like the backstory of you/that person. I will leave you to prepare, Agents!

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Good morning, Forum Member. The subject is 14-year Hitman veteran, Heisenberg.

A perfectionist player at heart, with an unyielding adherence to lore and role-play gaming, and an unhealthy distain for innovative playing and speedrunning, no description of Heisenberg would be complete without including the words “brilliant,” and “insightful,”… at least, to hear the subject say it. However, to those who have spent any meaningful amount of time engaging with him, “arrogant,” and “insufferable,” might be more appropriate. Heisenberg describes himself as being of near genius-level intelligence; however, with a background check revealing his highest academic achievement to be an associates degree in criminal justice, this claim is dubious at best. With a knack for purple prose and an exhaustive point-by-point approach to debate, Heisenberg is a person who relishes the sound of his own voice… or rather, the typed words of his own bloated speeches.

Your assignment is to engage in debate with Heisenberg, and prove him unequivocally wrong about any aspect of Hitman canonical lore. It is recommended that you have all evidence to back up your claim at the ready and presented with your first post, in a manner that puts it above reproach; if not, Heisenberg’s ego will gladly accept the challenge, and he will go on… and on about it, until the entire point of the debate has long been forgotten. I will leave you to prepare, Forum Member. Good luck.

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