Photos resolution

Hello guys,

Is it normal to have the post-mission photos of challenges looking blurry/pixelated like this?

I’m on 2560x1440 screen resolution, Windows HDR is off!

The grayed out ones are those which not completed yet.
I don’t see any blurement or pixelation (maybe I just never payed attention), but I guess they are intentionally designed like this for the player not to confuse them with completed challenges

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If you click on the embedded photo, you can see that the completed ones are really pixelated. It’s most noticeable in the chess challenge pic.

@msousa I don’t play on PC, but I’ve never noticed them being this blurry on my big TV.

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Yes indeed @Diana47 , good eye, and the chess is the most noticeable, it happened that I restarted the game from the very beginning, so donno if Hitman 2 & 3 challenges gonna be the same.

Photos quality is bad in both completed and not @Count.Rushmore , but more visible in the completed because of colors.

Also I have a good IPS monitor