Picture in Picture Feature

There are two improvements I’d like to see to the Picture in Picture feature in Hitman 3.

The first is to add an option in Settings for it to appear in the top-right corner instead of the top-left. In it’s current position in the top-left, it often blocks the objectives and can be a little annoying. If it was in the top-right it would really only block Challenge notices (and won’t even block those once you have them all).

The second thing would be to modify the “Body Found” banner that appears on the Picture in Picture window when a Body is found. The first modification would be to change it from saying “Body Found” to instead say “Body Found - Dead” or “Body Found - Unconscious” depending on what type of body was found. The second modification would be to change the color of the banner if the Body Found does not count against you.

So if it did count against you, the banner would still be red like it currently is, but if the body found was killed in an accident or was put to sleep with the Kalmer, the banner would be a different color like yellow or blue or something so you know it doesn’t count against you.

Thank you for your time.


a tranq’d body found should be green like the Silent Assassin indicator

I’d like the position of the PIP to be in bottom right corner just to the left of the weapons HUD. the upper right corner also shows information other than just the challenges HUD.