Pills Here ! challenge

I’m going through and finally knocking out all the various challenges and achievements, and got to the Pills Here ! challenge where you need to use lethal pills to kill a target in a syndicate showdown.

Twice on Haven and once in Marrakesh I have poisoned a target’s food with lethal pills, and the item gave off the red smoke to confirm it was poisoned. All three times the target would eat the food and then wander off completely unphased. There’s no other interactable items around and the target can be seen obviously eating from the poisoned food.

Is this a known bug others have experienced or is it just a glitch on my end ?

There are some areas in Haven (don’t know about Marrakesh) where the target ears from a circular plate full of food that can be eaten from multiple sides. If you’re not carefully watching exactly which part of the plate they eat from, you’ll poison the wrong food item. Don’t know if this is what you’re experiencing, but it sound similar to the confusion I had when having the same issue, so maybe this will help.

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Thanks for the quick reply and the advice. It’s possible that is the cause but not sold on it without further testing. In Haven, in the Turtle Hut there was a pack of what looked like McDonald’s fries sitting on top of a computer in front of the guard that’s sitting on the couch in the front room. Both times I tried this one, I poisoned that one from near the front of the fries where the target stood. In Marrakesh it was a bin full of oranges and I did it at like a 45 degree angle from where the target ate but there was only one option for putting on the poison so I’m not sure if there were multiple oranges. I don’t think so because when I used Instinct after I poisoned it, the entire bin was greyed out (unable to be interacted with).

I’ll have to watch this closer, it didn’t seem to be a factor on where I stood in previous showdowns but I’ll test it some more next time the opportunity crops up. At least I had my fiber wire all three times so I was able to get more notches on my High In Fiber challenge.

Try going up to the food in question with multiple emetic poisons on hand, that way, if there’s more than one, you can spike them all, and see which one is left over when the target consumes one. If they’re right next to each other to the point where you can only first poison the one you don’t need, you can then spike that one with an emetic, freeing up the one next to it to be lethally poisoned, and there you go. If that’s what’s happening.

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Sorry but forgot to reply here. I tried that but it didn’t work, but I had other glitches too so I did a uninstall/reinstall then deleted the .bin folders, re-verified the files and all that jazz that my Hitman Handler (tech support) suggested I try, so after all that, that mission had changed to a different one and I didn’t have any issues with poisoning stuff after that.