Play Hitman 1 episodes in Hitman 3 without Bonus episode (PS5)

Hi there,

I purchased Hitman 1 when it first came out as episodes were released, and got them from 1 to 6. I didn’t go with the Bonus episode since per its name I didn’t assume it was part of the main story.

Unfortunately it looks like now I’m unable to import Hitman 1’s episodes within Hitman 3 unless I:

  1. Upgrade Hitman 1 to GOTY from Hitman 1’s store, and somehow it’s only allowing me to access the upgrade from the starter pack at $35
  2. Buy Hitman GOTY from Hitman 3’s store for $30

Either way, asking for $30 or more to import levels seems steep. I always want to support an independent developer, and felt like I was by buying the episodes as they came out. Is anyone aware of a workaround?


Did you redeem the Legacy Pack in Hitman 2? Because you should get the Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass even if you didn’t buy the Bonus Missions.

HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass
Includes: Locations and missions currently available in the HITMAN 1 GOTY Edition: ICA Facility, Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido, 3x GOTY Escalations and rewards and 4x Patient Zero campaign missions

How to get it
– Consoles: If you have previously downloaded the HITMAN 1 Legacy Pack, HITMAN 1 GOTY Legacy Pack or HITMAN 1 GOTY Upgrade for HITMAN 2, you will be able to download it for no additional cost. (Yes, that’s a free upgrade to the GOTY Edition if you only own the Standard Edition of H1!). The price for this Access Pass will be listed as ‘free’ when you look for it in the store.

Thanks for looking into it. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to, here is what I found on the Legacy Pack FAQ:

Who can redeem the HITMAN Legacy Pack for FREE?
Players who own HITMAN: The Full Experience, HITMAN: The Complete First Season (digital or disc) or all seven episodes individually (Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bonus Episode, Bangkok, Colorado and Hokkaido) from the previous HITMAN game, will be able to redeem the HITMAN Legacy Pack.

It looks like Bonus episode is a pre-requisite, which comes as a surprise. I own all of the other episodes, all the numbered ones. Unfortunately there is no more way to buy the bonus episode individually to complete the pack, so I basically I would have to rebuy the whole game in order to use it in Hitman 3. I was hoping someone else was in the same situation and figured something out with IO.