Playing all the games back-to-back

I decided to do a back-to-back playthrough of all the Hitman games back in February. This last weekend I finished Hitman 3 (or WoA, depends on how you like to call it). All I can say is that it was a wonderful experience.

This franchise evolved beautifully along the years (yeah, even Absolution is a cool game, despite the fact that IOI tried something new. I consider it a cool game).
I would recommend to all the newcomers(and veterans like myself) to play all the games, even Codename 47. I know it has bugs and the gameplay is a little clunky but it’s not that bad. Storywise is awesome and the soundtrack is underrated. The original Hong Kong missions from C47 are more well done than those in Contracts (damn, the restaurant is too damn dark xD ).
Blood Money was, is and will always be my favorite Hitman game.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you all, Initiates. Have an awesome day ! I will leave you to prepare.


What do you mean by “even” Codename 47? It’s the best Game in the Series.


I saw a lot of comments regarding the fact that C47 didn’t age well gameplay wise. It has some cons but very minor. It’s a jam and I love it.
To be honest, It’s in my top 3 alongside Blood Money and Hitman WoA.


I assume you wanted to put WoA here - World of Assassination.
But you might call any of last three games WoA now :slight_smile:
Personally I for avoiding confusion continue name them H1, H2 and H3 respectfully :slight_smile:

Oh, damn. My bad. WoA. I will edit it afterwards :smiley:

Each one of us has a preference to what to call the HITMAN trilogy. I call it WoA because I consider it as a single game :smiley:


It seems fine to continue using both naming conventions depending on the context. Want to refer to the trilogy as it exists today packaged up as one game? It’s WoA. Want to refer to the individual installments as they were released at the time? You can say HITMAN 1/2/3.


It’s a great experience for sure to start from the very beginning. It helps you gradually see the evolution, improvements and tweaks that IOI made. Hitman and Thief will always be my favorite series of all time.

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