Playing Hitman 1 in Hitman 3

Mine keeps crashing 5x in 1 hour playing landslide on PS4 just keeps crashing

Cleaning Up challenge on colorado not popping up for me. Drowned target twice in the water basin but not coming up as completed.

Post this in a Bug Report Thread to make sure your report will be seen and taken to consideration

My bonus missions are gone I’m on PS4 H1 & H2 Sariavo 6 gone the holloween missions in hawks bay gone all the bonus missions gone I hope this is were I report missing content also there is more gone as well Please return my phone of electrocution

Good one, that made me laugh.

Hey, just wanted to let you know that the “Silent Assassin x 17” does refer to getting silent assassin across 17 missions and so are global challenges, not specific to the map you are playing. The same applies to the escalation challenges.

It’s weird they chose 17 rather than 20 or whatever. I guess it’s just in case you have real problems with a couple levels you can still get the challenge.

I’m glad not to have the 20 as a challenge. 17 will be challenging enough.

I didn’t transfer my progress over when first starting H3 as I wanted to do everything again. I’ve done two play throughs of H3 (haven’t 100% completed any map, didn’t want to do it to death straight away) and just started back at the ICA facility and Paris again. I’m as keen to play through all 3 games as when they first came out and I’m really happy that IOI has kept the entire WoA trilogy in each release.

I now have access to Patient Zero which I didn’t get when it first came out so also looking forward to that side campaign, but as mentioned above all of my bonus missions (for Paris at least) have disappeared.

Played through Paris after work today and it was heaps of fun to explore again

Is there a list or topic anywhere that details the changes in gameplay when running the previous seasons off of H3?