Playing Hitman 1 in Hitman 3

There didn’t seem to be a thread for chatting about playing Hitman from the start in the new game (Hitman 3). So here’s a chat thread for ‘re-starters’ like me for the first game. :grinning:

Servers seem a little busy so to be fair I’m not in the game just yet…

Yeah best plan is to wait a few hours. I can’t wait to see the graphical enhancements and use the camera in some of my favorites

Enjoying the refreshed power on a Series X.

Paris was always a favourite location. Just slotted back into Helmut Kruger’s fashionable shoes. :grinning:


The graphics look great, I’ve only played Paris so far but from what I’ve seen it’s a definite improvement

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Anyone having an issue with Paris? Don’t remember having this before but no matter how many times Viktor dies via the lights, the challenge never gets a tick by it :confused:

Hmmm, I haven’t dropped the lights on him yet, but I’ll check that too.

Is it just me or is the eyesight of NPCs much sharper now, bordering on X-Ray? In Sapienza, I destroyed the virus with the dongle and somebody down below spotted me and engaged. In Marrakesh, I subdued the soldier in the first room on the left, after unlocking the gate and someone in the central courtyard spotted me. I’ve played these levels dozens of times on H1 and H2, never had these problems before.

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Quite right, the light rig is not triggering a success.

Is the guard near the plane missing for anyone else? Or am I crazy and he was never there on professional?

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He’s gone. Got another job at Walmart.


I’m also not able to complete the light rig challenge. Also on the sapienza bonus mission Landslide, I cannot complete electrocution while urinating or electrocution while on stage despite actually doing it. Anyone else having issues there?

There are even some bugged Hitman 3 challenges, so not surprising to see some for legacy maps. Hopefully they’re patched soon.

The soldier in the Marrakesh school that’s near you starting position when dressed as a soldier, is no longer an enforcer. A definite improvement!


I had the same issue for the electrocution by peeing and stage fried i think its called. Tried both numerous times and none got “checked off”. Also had a problem with Electric Boogie on the A House Built on Sand in marrakesh.

There are some reports regarding this issue on the official bug report thread. Perhaps IOI has already taken notice of it. You can only wait for their next game update, which may fix the issue.

Played Colorado for the first time in Hitman 3 last night, didn’t notice any obvious issues. The grass is different like it is in every map, and still looks worse to me, but what can ya do. Did “string quartet” and had no challenge issues.

I’ve just finished Marrakesh. So far the challenges for:

‘The Showstopper’ (Paris)
‘The Classics’ when the 4 qualifying missions are completed (Paris)
‘The Gig is Up’ (Sapienza) and
‘Urine for It’ (Sapienza)
‘Electric Boogie’ (Marrakesh)

failed to pop as has been discussed elsewhere.

I still don’t understand how I get the classic challenges, e.g. ‘Silent Assassin x 17’ in the prologue, does that relate to multiple locations?.

I’m really enjoying the game, so on to Bangkok. :grinning:

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Get your Patient Zero speedruns in now kids, because 47 doesn’t get infected like he’s supposed to. Just wandered around the whole infected area and even dragged the infected target around and nothing.


j’ai la même chose que toi tu as reussi a le faire du coup

Hope they add adjustable bloom.