Playing Hitman 2 in Hitman 3

There didn’t seem to be a thread for chatting about playing Hitman 2 from the start within the new game (Hitman 3). So here’s a chat thread for newbies to Hitman 2 playing 1, 2 and 3 in order. :grinning:

I’m just about done with Hitman 1 (c. 85% complete bar a few buggy challenges that will perhaps be fixed on the 23rd) and have hugely enjoyed it. On to Hawke’s Bay.

How are you finding H2 if it’s new to you and if you are an experienced H2 player do you have any non-spoilery thoughts? :grinning:

I am toying with the idea about having a playthrough, using only “the Classics”-rewards as load-out. This trilogy should be experienced as a whole. And limiting myself to a specific set of items could provide a challenge I reckon.

Not sure when I’ll go through with the idea however.


Still waiting for it to be released to PC… would love to know what it plays like.

Bit annoyed the red tie kiwi doesn’t work the same though, bye bye to the old 1:16 SASO on Paris!

wait I’ve never heard of this. What?

Just found out what you meant. Apparently red tie kiwi could bypass VIP status. Why did they patch that out?! That’s awesome.

Oh wait it still works you just have to make sure you don’t do alert anyone else.