Playing other games like Hitman

Recently came across this amusing pair of YouTube videos where someone is… really going all out to play Baldur’s Gate 3 like hitman.

I’d make some joke about getting some of you into Dungeons & Dragons but we all know how nerdy this forum is already.

Anyway, it is quite unique as far as I’m aware but I was curious if there’s any other games do or try to do this in to any extent.


There were times I tried to play GTA SA, IV, EFLC and V stealthily without causing unneccesary deaths. That’s the most I recall.

And for the record, SA and IV/EFLC felt way better by just being able to crouch instead the nefarious stealth mode from V.

Mostly was done with the long approach by a sniper rifle.


I loved how IV would let you progress without killing anyone. In a shootout you just had to injure them until they would stop shooting you