Playing PS5 version on PS4 with digital code

hey guys,

following question. I wanna buy a physical PS5 copy and play the download version on my PS4.

  • is it gonna work? Or is this free digital PS4 version only good for PS5?
  • can I just use the code and sell the disc right away? or am I gonna need to insert the PS5 disc into PS4 for authentication each time I want to play the game?


Hello, Kalovar. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t really know an answer for the rest of your questions, but I am pretty sure you can’t use a PS4 to read PS5 discs. Do you really need to buy a PS5 copy? You surely can buy a PS4 version of the game and upgrade it with your PS5 without extra cost.

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You must install and play HITMAN 3 on PS5,then,find the in-game redeem window.
After redemption,you can sell the disc and play digital version of HITMAN 3.

so i need a PS5 in order to redeem the ps4 code? 'cause i dont own a ps5

Just buy the PS4 game, and then if you get you a PS5 in the future you can upgrade for free to the PS5 version.

The route you’re wanting to do it is just messy - and will also devalue the PS5 disc for on-selling because the PS4 code will already be used.


well it would devalue the disc a bit but still I will get some money back. probably 70% from the original price which is cool

Now I found out, the PS4 version is only available on PS5. So you can’t just use the code and play it on PS4 while selling away the physical PS5 disc. Unfortunately.