PlayStation Store publishing wrong information?

*I don’t know if this topic exists, but I didn’t find it if it does.

Earlier today, I turned on my PS console and went to the store tab and found out that Hitman 2 is on sale.
As I clicked on it, I saw in the game details that it includes a multiplayer network feature of 2 online players. I assume it’s the Ghost Mode feature, but, if I remember correctly, it was removed almost 2 years ago :cold_face:.
I may be wrong because I don’t own Hitman 2 on PlayStation but I am 100% sure that that detail shouldn’t be shown on the game page in the store.

Uhmm…isnt Sniper Assassin still available in co-op?


And I would like to hear an official comment on that…

  1. It’s normal for game info to not get updated like that. All versions of Hitman 2 currently in the Microsoft store for Xbox mention co-op and/or Ghost Mode/Sniper Assassin. Hell, google “Hitman 2 Walmart” and you’ll see the same, outdated co-op info.

  2. At least on Xbox, there is no co-op, AT ALL.

My Pokémon Platinum still has WiFi capabilities but Nintendo turned off the servers. I think they should update that.

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