Please add more featured contract rewards

I enjoyed completing featured contracts on locations when there was rewards for them but they have been adding more featured contracts with each roadmap so I am wondering if there are more rewards planned down the road for completing them.

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I tend to doubt it. The problem was that the rewards were never for completing specific contracts or even specific batches of them. They were just for completing quantities. A player could have completed 70 contracts by doing the batches as they came out or going back and doing the ones that were ported from the first two games. At this point the last reward was for (I think) 70 contracts? I just don’t see that continuing to 80, 90, 100 or beyond.


Gone are the days where you would play content for the enjoyment derived from playing the content it seems.

Not everything has to have an unlock attached to it for you to be able to get some sort of enjoyment out of it.


During Year 1 when they added more of the Featured Contract challenges it made sense since that reflected the total number of FCs available. For example, when the challenge was added that unlocked the Professional Screwdriver, that was the first time that there were 70 Featured Contracts available to complete on the Hitman 3 locations.

Now there are dozens (hundreds?) more FCs added, and adding more general completion challenges would mean that people who’ve already done a bunch of FCs just get the item instantly added with no additional effort and people who have barely touched the FCs see it as even more of a grind to go through.

The only sort of Featured Contract challenges I’d maybe like to see added are ones to help promote missions newly added to Contracts Mode. For example, complete 3 FCs on Holiday Hoarders to unlock the Xmas Star or complete 3 FCs on Hokkaido Snow Festival to unlock the Icicle.

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The problem is people not finding FCs fun to play on their own, leading to a situation where we have logic like “Give us more rewards so there’s a reason to play them” rather than “Make them fun to play”

It’s understandable people don’t enjoy them on their own, as now that we have hundreds there’s nothing particularly special or stand out or interesting about them. Probably only a dozen max are well-crafted fun, interesting experiences rather than generic crap (That’s not players fault, there’s only so many great Urben contracts that can be made)

Really the solution needs to be:
1) Make contracts mode better in general, so we’re not left with the same old general formula and stale contracts we’ve had for about 6+ years; or

2) Make FCs themselves more special in some way, specifically curated batches. Work with curators to come up with contracts that are different from what can be done in the existing player-based in-game system.

They don’t need to make map changes like various escalations, just let the curator say “Only allow these entrances/agencypickups” or “Put an objective to retrieve the item that’s in the safe in the map”. I’ve done it, it’s incredibly easy. It doesn’t even need to be all 10 contracts, just one special contract with each curator batch would be a nice start; means with every batch there’d be at least one small piece of content that can’t be recreated in-game by players and has something special to it, I know I’d log in each month to give that a try and see what they came up with.

But they’re not interested in that. Even when I fed them the already made contract files for my curator batch and all they had to do was upload them to the server (load them up first to make sure there’s nothing sus if they insist. But there was a time Clemens played FC submissions anyway so wouldn’t take up his time any more than a usual FC batch :thinking:) they said nah.

They just need one person from their live team to set aside about 3 hours of their month to do this for a curator batch, so long as they cut down on communication time by presenting the curator with a list of pre-approved things the contract can have. I would literally do this for free if they think it’s poor use of their team member’s time. Probably the highest effort they’d have to go to is if the curator comes up with an unusual objective that needs custom wording and has to be translated into all languages, but again if they shrink the pre-approved list to stuff like starting location restrictions, existing gamechangers from escalations, yadda ya then that’s eliminated. Pity it will never happen

Until then, FCs are just ‘we don’t want to have literally nothing, so here’s something we can announce each month that’s essentially nothing’. Real shame because so much about WoA has great potential with minimal ongoing effort from devs


Xmas star, i second that (and i haven’t been the only one asking). Especially we now have an explosive xmas gift.

Many items are already in the game anyway so why not add them for those? There’s a even a gift shovel and a gift crowbar too in holiday hoarders. Xmas gift gun next? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Even say the golden bunny, butcher suit etc…

In the other hand, i agree it isnt all about collectibles but rather the reward is within the enjoyment of new contracts and self-challenging one self, prolonging the content of the game reaching end of shelf life.

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