Please bring back Mark Faba for ET Arcade!

I am fully aware that there may be a lot of licensing issues involved with bringing back the Miami Elusive Target Mark Faba for Hitman 3… but given the sheer amount of marketing that surrounded The Undying, the amount of hype surrounding the event, all the details and easter eggs worked into the missions, then surely, SURELY it’d be worth it to bring him back for Hitman 3?

Honestly, when I first heard about the Elusive Target Arcade challenge, I was really excited at the possibility of playing The Undying, but so far, it doesn’t look like it’ll happen, and that’s heartbreaking.

Again, I understand there may be issues about licensing rights etc… But to do that much buildup and marketing and working in so many in-jokes and references around an event and then just drop it forever? That just seems like such a waste, and Elusive Target Arcade will always feel lacking with its absence.

And if there’s absolutely no possibility, no chance whatsoever of it ever happening, some crucial issue that just cannot be worked around to solve it… Then at the very least, fix the outfit “The Undying Look” to actually LOOK like Mark Fabas outfit, rather than being effectively 47’s standard suit, only with a colour swap and a tie clip.

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At some point awhile ago Travis said he took the idea of “recasting” the ET – replacing the character model and dialogue to remove Sean Bean’s likeness – to the right team as an idea to allow for the contract to come back at some point. He did note that it wasn’t something that was actively being pursued nor was it definitely on a “to do” list, but until they close the book on H3’s live content completely, it’s not completely a “no”. :crossed_fingers:


That’s certainly one way to solve it, altough… The fact that it was Sean Bean’s likeness and voice was the whole joke, with his memetic rumor of always dying in movies, and now playing an assassin famous for cheating death,

The character and mission briefing makes references to Sean Bean’s movie roles. The character shares the birthday and birthplace of Sean Bean. “Mark” is Sean Beans middle name, and “Faba” is the latin word for bean!

They COULD recast him, sure… but then it wouldn’t be the same.

It’s not just wanting to play elusive targets in Miami. It’s not wanting someone who’s just called “The Undying”.

Without Sean Bean, the Elusive Target is effectively neutered. The entire joke, the whole reason the mission is awesome, falls apart without him.


The only way we’re getting The Undying again is if they reworked the ET to not be Sean Bean. They’re not gonna spend a lot to use Sean Bean in the game when it wouldn’t be nearly as big of a promotion than it was in Hitman 2

That’s not true. We would also be able to get him back if Sean Bran called up IOI and said to go ahead and use the ET again, no charge, who needs contractual agreements. Just saying, it is an option.

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It’s an option… in a much kinder universe than this one. This is a business decision/issue plain and simple. No famous actor or agent or representative would take this deal free-of-charge. Sorry if that’s a bit blunt

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Eh, how do we know? Maybe Sean Bean will feel sorry for us basement dwellers. Maybe he’s a more charitable guy than the media talks about. It could happen! :man_shrugging:

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Release a permanent unlock of The Undying and The Undying Returns for the original price of the game.

Oh and change the Mark Faba reference in the Mendoza mission for those who failed the ET by having Diana remark that even 47 wasn’t able to eliminate him successfully.

Another method, if the issue is that it might not be worth going through the licensing issues just for two nearly identical ET missions, with no major promotion behind it…

Suppose you did a new mission, on a Hitman 3 map. I can absolutely see Mark Faba hanging out in the Dubai map, or lounging in Mendoza, or maybe scouting out Club Hölle for a big job. I could even see him in the Chongqing map, now outright daring the ICA, at one of their own facilities, to take him out.

Or maybe even go high concept, and to the “Untouchable” map, only with Faba instead of the Constant.

The promotion pretty much writes itself. ”You failed twice. I thought you were supposed to be the best. But here I am, still kicking. Third times the charm, eh, 47?”

After all, if you can get someone to buy Hitman 3, they will likely buy the Hitman 1 and 2 add-ons as well.

Sure, it may seem a bit fanciful an idea, but then again, this is the “wishlist” section, not the “stuff that would be nice within prudent reason” section, right?

Hard no. Do not do this. The remark as it exists indicates that, if it’s not just an Easter egg and is a canon event, then 47 was successful. To do otherwise ruins 47’s perfect record of success. Wanna make a change? Remove the mention of Faba completely. Otherwise, leave the dialogue as it is.

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The fact that Tamara brings him up among 47’s targets does suggest that he is at the very least believed to be dead, since she’s bringing up various notable people who’ve died, with Diana either confirming or denying 47 was responsible…

But it would be funny if Dianas response about Mark Faba was changed, but to something like “as far as we know, yes”. 47 DID fail to kill him once, after all.

I question that, however. Since literally everything about the second version is the same except the eye patch and Diana’s intro, I view The Undying as possibly being a canon ET, and The Undying Returns as being one of the non-canon ETs. No reason to ruin 47’s record over a joke. Instead of “even 47 can’t kill this guy,” it’s actually “even this guy couldn’t survive 47 coming for him.”