Please bring back The Meat King's Party!

Okay, so a little TL;DR; I remember my first time playing Hitman Contracts. Honestly, at the time for the technology available, the scenes and environment was remarkable. Ok, maybe not the best but the tone certainly set the mood. The dark, grimy slaughterhouse floors and lighting, compared to the ‘party’ section with its eerie kitchens and locker rooms, flickering lights and party music, which could - depending on where you were - be heard through the walls, albeit muffled.

This level just reeks of nostalgia and it would honestly be a killer to have it remastered in some way, shape or form. Okay, so we can’t kill Campbell Sturrock again, but can the slaughterhouse be brought back and upgraded in any way, please?

It’d be a crying shame to let a level as atmospheric as this one slip :smiley: Considering we’ve already seen what looks like a jab at Beldingford Manor, Meat King’s Party shouldn’t be that far off


Where do I sign up?..


Easy mission but a very cool one