Polish subtitles

Why Hitman 3 don’t have Polish subtitles?
Hitman 1 and 2 has polish subtitles.

Many people from Poland don’t want buy Hitman 3 because not have polish subtitles.

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HITMAN 3 won’t have a lot of localizations.
Only 5 languages are available in HITMAN 3.

We haven’t been explained why it’s so, and we can only make an assumptions on this subject

Jeżeli nie wiesz o co chodzi, to chodzi o kase :smiley:

I didn’t even noticed that there isn’t polish subtitles, but language in Hitman is quite simple so it’s not crucial to know english good enough, this isn’t a RPG tho.


Another benefit of the situation, you can learn/improve your language skills.

But still, it’s always more convenient to have the game on your native language, right?


Better native subtitles. I don’t want play game with dictionary :smiley: I prefer English as the second playthrough.

Resources are needed to provide translations in multiple languages and do quality control checks to ensure everything is correctly translated. Unfortunately you can’t just run the text through a translation service like google translate and then have it included in the solution. Very often it sort of makes sense, but almost always needs changing to be correctly phrased and have proper meaning. Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 had other game publishers involved as well, that likely had staff that could speak and read/write fluent Polish as well as English, or they contracted a translation or subtitling agency.

It might be that Polish subtitles and other languages will follow in the future possibly. You could always offer your help and see if they’ll take you up on it! :slight_smile:

If can easily change the language or add it in the game engine, the group of translators http://grajpopolsku.pl/ will translate the game very well. They will probably create such a project. It is the best group of game translators without Polish support.

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That’s brilliant! Looking forward to that - the more inclusive the better!