Poll: is the WoA your new favorite, or is one of the older games still your favorite

Do not vote on this poll if you got introduced with World of Assasination and it instantly became your favorite, i want to know the opinion of older players, who before the release of WoA had a favorite, and wether or not it stayed as their favorite, or if WoA took over that place

Is World of Assassination your new favorite
  • Yes
  • No (also vote on poll below)

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You favorite game in the franchise if it isn’t WoA
  • Codename 47
  • Silent Assassin
  • Contracts
  • Blood Money
  • Absolution (lol no one will vote that)

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I will, and I did.
Absolution is a great game that got me into HITMAN universe and I will always be grateful it for that


i see we have similar taste @MrOchoa
favorite mission in C47?

@Hichkas you didn’t vote correctly, is your new favorite World of Assassination, or is it still Absolution?

WoA is the one I prefer to spend time on presently, not the one I think is the best. Absolution was the one formerly. I prefer not to use the word best on stuff.

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Say Hello to my Little Friend and Plutonium runs Loose, followed by Traditions of the Trade.



The WoA is the best game in the franchise by absolute light years in every possible aspect, IMO. I began the series at Contracts and Blood Money was my favourite game up until 2015, but for me Hitman only truly ‘arrived’ in 2016. The series only truly started to fulfill its potential from the release of HITMAN, for me.


I hope I was allowed to vote, since, even though the WoA Triologie introduced me to Hitman, I did went back and played Absolution and Blood Money.

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Good missions, but very tough. I’d put traditions of the trade over both of them (but mostly because I’m hungarian, and It’s the only level in the entire game to have dedicated music).
I really liked Tutorial, The Setup and Meet Your Brother (especially the monologue in MYB)
After that, I’d probably put the Lee Hong Assassination

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is your favorite WoA, or Absolution/Blood Money?

says the guy named Scat, lmao

people misinterpreting the 2nd poll, you only vote on that one if your favorite IS NOT WoA, otherwise don’t vote

My username comes from my old university email login rather than anything less savoury, for info… :grin:

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Still the WoA Triologie, though I really did enjoyed Blood Money.

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For some reason it doesn’t allow me to vote on the 2nd poll.

Anyone else having this issue?


yes i changed it, since most people who voted on it shouldn’t have voted

I was introduced to the series with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, got heavily into it with Blood Money, was disappointed (at the time) with Absolution, skipped 2016 on the initial release, and then rediscovered my love of the franchise with Hitman 2.

At this point, I’d consider WOA my favourite by a fairly large margin. Blood Money used to hold that title, and I still find it enjoyable to replay, but WOA takes everything I loved about Blood Money and cranks it to 11. Combine that with the improved gameplay mechanics introduced in Absolution (which I have grown more fond of) and it makes for a highly enjoyable, immensely replayable trilogy of games.


no first person
no human shields (WHICH EVEN ABSOLUTION HAD!)
no poisoning foods with syringes (which is dumb that you can’t do it in the new game)
Less realistic animations (syringe is just touching lightly the back of someone as opposed to sticking it in the neck)

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This was a hard vote for me. I have played since the start. My best memories are still from H2SA and Contracts. Who knows how the memories of WoA will compete with those from the older games come year 2030?

Ultimately the new games are a lot of fun and at this snapshot in time, WoA is my fav. If we had to keep each of the new games separate then maybe maybe maybe I might take H2SA or Contracts as best, but I’m glad that wasn’t the question posed bc now I don’t have to contemplate it. :joy:

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None of what you listed matters to me personally.

I don’t care about first person, human shields are cool but not a necessity to my play style, I can get by with the poison vials/pills, and the animations are more than satisfactory to me. My favourite thing to do is set traps, and I can get even more creative in WOA than I could in Blood Money.

I simply get more enjoyment out of WOA than Blood Money these days. It is what it is.