Poll: Numbering of the next Hitman game

No they don’t. All they need is a little graphical update, wide-screen, HD textures and Codename 47 needs a Console Port.

I fear that with a remake they might lose their own charme and atmosphere.


I honestly don’t see where Codename 47 has issues with its gameplay? It has some bugs, like physics of the Headband from the Red Dragon Triad getting stuck, or the one that crashes the game if you try to skip the Lab Explosion Cutscene. It would be nice to fix stuff like that or the janky animation in the Tzun Cutscene, but the gameplay itself is absolutely fine.

The only thing that i would change about SA - beside bugfixes - would be the suspicion meter/AI, just tweak it a little so it works like in Contracts and thats it.