Possible Haven Island Bug

I don’t know where to post this since I am not sure if it’s a bug or something else, but anyway.

I noticed that the attention meter in Haven Island doesn’t work correctly and behaves somewhat weirdly.
When running around Bradleys Island for example the sound of getting seen plays but the attention meter doesn’t show anything, causing me to get spotted.
I haven’t had the time to test it in Hitman 2 yet, but I don’t remember having this issue.
My theory is that the extended line of sight IO implemented for that level isn’t imported correctly.

Has anyone noticed this aswell?

Haven Island has confirmed extended line of sight, and sometimes it gets fully ridiculous.
NPC can see you from another end of the map…
As for suspicion meter I can’t say anything because I haven’t visited Maldives yet in HITMAN 3


Haven Island is bugged to hell. Tyson Williams can see through the floors of his mansion. He spotted me in his hidden office from the top floor (the cameras were disabled). He was also able to spot bodies in the basement lab from the Mansion 1st floor.


I was seen through a lot of walls in the mansion by various NPCs in many different areas.

Never had your issue but maybe Haven Island is just having issues.

Same here in the Chongqing restaurant, i had wiped out all people inside, started to drag a body and a woman outside far away went to report it. Had to be at least 3 solid walls between us.