Post year question

Question for site admins. When the calendar flips over to January 1 (or whenever the 1 year anniversary of the site comes sometime in January), will posts start to display the year they were posted? There’s a lot of posts that I’m seeing in the “suggested posts” that just have a date of something like “Jan. 20” or something. Once we get past that in 2022 will we have to figure out if a post is days old or a year old some how?

I assume the date displays not according to calendar but according to date the given post was created.
If it was created on 1st of January 2021, this post will display the date like Jan 1, 2021 after Jan 1st of 2022 comes (or pasts)


If I remember correctly, posts older than a year will just have the month and year, so when January rolls around, the first wave of posts from the last week of December should be labelled “Dec '20”. (And if you hover over it, it’ll give you the exact date and time, as usual.)


Yeah, @ZeroGravitas is right.
If you scroll down the forum to the bottom you’ll see the following


You’re right! I hadn’t bothered to actually scroll all the way down to the bottom. Question completely answered. Someone can feel free to lock this thing out now if you want.