Preserving all 10,000+ HMF posts

The link for the archive is:

Huge thanks to swixel (orloglausa) without him this wouldn’t have been possible.

10,521 topics archived in total (The 12.1k stat on is probably counting private topics that are not accessible unless signed in with an account that has access to those so I’m not worrying too much about missing anything that is public. link:


Wow man. If you’re able to acomplish it, good on you. :+1:


Incredible work thank you :+1:


This is very cool. I take it not all posts are archived yet? The old QuickMod thread is, but the QuickEdit thread isn’t.

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Huh weird. I guess the tool I am using isn’t perfect.

Should have all the posts/topics now. Site has had a massive upgrade.


Just looked into a couple and for example this one end up on 20th post out of 96

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Top right of the page there should be a “Next” button. It’s not really in the best spot at the moment, I’m wanting to make it auto load posts when you scroll down but that’ll have to be done later.

Yes, it’s there but barely noticeable indeed

Edit: I don’t know, maybe paged structure is better than continuously loading single page, but that button of Next/Previous should be more noticeable and maybe situated at the bottom of the page

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Don’t have access to those sadly ;(

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We would also not like that as not everyone had access to that place. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have updated the site so the Next / Previous links are more noticable and are now always display on the page no matter where you scroll. (You may have to clear your cache)

In the future I’m wanting to make it auto load posts as you scroll down but for now this will do.

Edit: Just made it dark themed also

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Seeing that is going offline and might suffer the same fate one day, I have decided to upload the archive to

You can download it here: