Pretige objectives shouldn't be mandatory in hardcore

They really need to remove the need for taking a prestige objective on hardcore. It just isn’t fun, always being forced to think about setting up an accident kill with a target and non-target npc, or making sure you have the epic-legendary weapon, etc…

I’m fine with having to complete the objective, if I choose one, but it shouldn’t be mandatory. I think otherwise hardcore has the potential of being a harder experience while still allowing you the freedom in executing your missions, if they remove mandatory prestige objectives.

I’ll complete it once for the suit, eventually, but otherwise the restrictiveness just makes hardcore unapealing to play.


Fixed this for you summarizing the whole post of yours

Removing mandatory prestige objectives doesn’t mean I want hardcore removed. Being smug doesn’t mean you have a good argument, so try actually thinking of a thoughtful reply next time.


I disagree, HC is supposed to be hard and having to do one prestige objective isn’t that hard. I’m actually finding HC too easy now and wish there was an even harder mode where ALL objectives are mandatory. (Of course if that ever became a mode they would have to do something with incompatible objectives.)

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I just want prestige objectives to be optional on hardcore, you’d still be able to choose them if you want them. So for you nothing really changes. Really don’t see why you would be against this, as you can still play hardcore exactly the same as you used to before.


In my opinion, If you can handle playing and surviving in HC you can handle one prestige objective. Out of all the times I’ve failed in HC maybe 1 out of 50 times is failing the prestige obj, if that. Maybe you’re not choosing your prestige objective as wisely as you could?

Btw collateral accident is very easy obj. You can just chuck the target and another NPC over a ledge and you can complete it. Just make sure to throw the non target first. No tools or weapons needed.

It’s just not fun always having to think of a way to complete a prestige objective. Sometimes you have very bad objectives, like timed ones, an epic/legendary kill while you don’t have a weapon of that type, and sa/no firearms, and you’d rather just complete the objectives, even if a bit more messily at times.

Again, I would understand your point if I said remove prestige objectives completely, but all I want is for them to be optional. And they can be fun sometimes, but they lose the fun factor when you have to think about how to incorporate one of the three options, every single mission.


You shouldn’t even be doing HC if you don’t have all the guns/weapons. Get the guns first in regular mode. Timed objects are a bitch, that’s why I usually don’t pick them because I don’t like being rushed. Although hide and seek isn’t too bad.

I mean if you want optional objectives just pick regular mode. Like I infered before, the forced prestige obj in HC is no where near the top of the list of what makes HC hard.

I’m playing hardcore freelancer primarily for the Black Bruiser suit. I still think it’s a good idea for hardcore to lose mandatory prestige objectives regardless, but the only reason I’m bothering with it rn is the suit.

I’ll get it eventually, but the mode would be much more replayable and fun with prestige objectives being optional. This way, it’s just something I want to get through once and never again, and it’s a shame, because if you were more free with how you can approach missions (which prestige objectives impede) it would actually be pretty fun.

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With all due respect if you haven’t completed a hardcore campaign once in your life, you’re going to have many more campaign fails from the guards and alerting lookouts than you will from not doing the prestige objective. You’re complaining about a low tier difficulty factor, compared to the other factors.

I agree with you. I did the hardcore mode only once to get the suit and it wasn’t fun. I was lucky with the random prestige objectives having a lot of kills with legendary weapons (that’s too easy) but if you are unlucky you could get difficult or even impossible objectives.

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By sequentially pushing NPCs one after another over a ledge is a collateral accident? I thought the kills had to be at the same time.

It doesn’t have to be at the exact same time there is a window of a few seconds. You do have to chuck the non target off first though