Pride Profusion 3 resets

I’m not sure who has or hasn’t played

The Pride Profusion - deadly sins escalation in Chongqing.

However what’s really interesting is you need to play all 3 levels 3 times each or 9 all together.

The Peacock offers 2 choices per round

The first round

I picked all the hard choices

Level 1 Tanto - hide all bodies
Level 2 syringes - Don’t get spotted
Level 3 Fiber wire - Can’t pacify anyone or kill anyone but targets

All Silent Assassin

Rewards all but 2 challenges

The Second round

All Easy choices

Level 1 CX Explosive block
Level 2 The Majestic Sniper
Level 3 The Saber

All Silent Assassin

Rewards Humility Challenge

The 3rd and Final Round

You pick the hard option for Level 1 and Level 2

Level 1 The Tanto - hide all bodies
Level 2 The Syringes - Do not get spotted

You pick the easy option for Level 3

Level 3 The Saber

All silent assassin

Rewards The Ambvience Challenge

Overall I thought this was an excellent escalation and interesting the game makes you play this 3 x to achieve all the challenges, I wasn’t expecting that.


Yeah I thought this was one the better Sins, unlike Gluttony where the extra kills you have to do quickly become pretty tedious.

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