Prioritize All maps

When you play any map, even training map do you have a certain way you want to attack that map?

My Priorities

The Classics - I like to begin with knocking all the classics. At the beginning of the game

I want to get SA/SO completed first.

Once I got my first sniper in Marrakesh, I would go back to Paris, Sapienza and finish off Sniper assassin completing the 5th classic for that map and every map after knock all 5 classics for each map.

Piano Man, taceless traceless, drown, headshot are the next things I focus on and Chamelon.

Then I focus on each challenge in order.

Do you float between maps? Or do you knock every challenge before moving on?

Each map has about 150 challenges give or take.

I just think sharing everyone’s different ways on how they approach the game is a great idea and may help others on how they play the game.


I always do any suit only challenges last, and probably the rest of the classic ones first. In between are the mission stories and the one-up challenges that are specific to the map.

I always try to do silent assassin first, shit only if I can, and usually start off with fiber wire, at least for the very first mission in a new game or my first try on a new mission. I also try to trigger any dialogue or opportunities that I can that don’t interfere with those, or if any of those can’t be done in a first try, then try to get as many others in one go as I can to open up my options on later playthroughs.

Another thing I like to do is save load option I can knock 3 challenges for the price of 1.



As Dr Oscar Lafayette.

You can smother, load and then 45, load and leave go to attic and drop the propane when both targets are talking to each other.

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Personally I start with escalations then move to the classics challenges then feats then discovery then assassination everything else I just do whenever

My approach was always to 100% each map before moving on (if possible).

First entering into a new map is just hours bullshitting around not even trying to complete anything. :joy:

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I generally started by doing a basic exploration run of each map in order to get through the story first and get a basic feel of the map. While I try to stay stealthy, I don’t save scum to mantain SA.
Afterwards I’d move onto bouncing between maps depending on mood, exploring a bit more, scouting SASO routes and starting to play some of the mission stories. Then start doing all the specific challenges I’ve had missed on the natural playthroughs.
Escalations usually would get done last (I still haven’t recompleted some of the H2 ones after the progress transfer).

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