Problem loading saved files

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Hi, I have just bought the game hitman 3, I already have Hitman 1 and Hitman 2, I can start a game , but I can<t load a save because its telling me its a loading error because I dont have hitman GOTY and hitman 2 wich I have. I also have done my transfer account. I am on xbox live , my username is Waxymax, plz help me. :frowning:

Thx in advance

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Im having this exact issue on PS4 Pro! I played hitman 3 for awhile last night i can see my saved files but it will not let me load them!

I have bought the deluxe sttuff andd I dont even see what is as unlock or even wich free item I have lol FML

In-game deluxe items will requires players to complete corresponding escalations to obtain them. Digital soundtracks and artbook will be fixed by the developers.

What about the Artbook and soundtracks?
We know that some of you can’t see these when you’re logged into your IOI Account and we’re planning to deploy a fix on Jan 22nd for PC users. More platforms to follow.

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ok thx for the info about the Deluxe items

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