Problem with the extension pack (Hitman 1 and 2)


I’m having problems buying the Hitman 1 and 2 extension pack. I purchased it through epic games and the company’s support informed me the following:

“We understand that you don’t get all of the Hitman 2 and 1 Expansion Pack content, I want you to know that our Epic team can’t act on information in games that are not developed by Epic Games, so to receive the best related service to your problem, I suggest contacting the game developers, in this case IO Interactive A/S.”

I am contacting you to resolve this issue.

I’m attaching screenshots to verify the error in practice.

More relevant information:

  1. The package has already been purchased;
  2. The package is already installed;
  3. I had access to two specific missions, which I don’t know if they are included in hitman 3. They are: “THE BANK” and “THE RESORT”;
  4. I have already sent an e-mail to IOI with evidence of the error.

I’ve been fascinated by the game since I was a kid. I hope you guys can help me. Thanks.

NOTE: I’m Brazilian and I don’t speak English, so this text was done with the help of a digital translator.

Hello, gbriel.

For your information, this is a fan forum dedicating to Hitman series. Even though some employees from IOI are here, you may or may not get contacted directly at this website.

To make sure of letting IOI learn your issue, please visit the following official support website. You can list the details there, and there will be professional support to help you. I hope your issue will get resolved soon. :slightly_smiling_face: