Problems with Prestige Challenges and Freelancer in general

Prestige challenges is a welcomed mission task, but sometime it can be a nuisance in Hardcore mode, as they are mandatory and if failed the run automatically ended in any level. I hardly completed any run in Hardcore mode, admitted that I failed to complete prestige challenge in seek-and-kill mission. However it’s not that I’m alway losing because of how insightful I planned, but most of my attempt failed were from the game mechanics and bugs. These are what I encounted:

  1. (Offend) I was caught off guard thinking an explosion kill wouldn’t spoil silent assassin rating, yet I failed “Silent Assassin” prestige mission because the game said so. They indeed note “Bodies can not be found,” but how can I know as I played the game for so long and I plan that explosion kill everytime in campaigns.
  2. Normally I often see it as a little bug because I didn’t encounter it everytime. The most annoying bug that ruined my Hardcore run is that NPCs can see through walls. Like some walls and even cellings in Chongqing facility, Arcade room; Marrakesh’s shisha bathroom; bathroom opposed to security room in Newyork bank; Whitteton Creek’ BBQ Party: ground floor, in the bathroom; etc
  3. Non-target and target get electrocuded do not count toward Collateral Kill - Accident
  4. Non-target and target get shot by one round of a shotgun or el matador do not count toward Collateral Kill - Firearms
  5. Arrange Meeting will not working if the Target was downed by any mean and has to make a guard wake them up.

There maybe more considering everyone playing Freelancer should encounter some that I do not know. Please state your experience here too.

This is so imperfected that when I play the game in hardcore, not only I’m having nightmare a bunch lookout dudes filling the whole building, now I’m getting wallhack PTSD and now nervously pacifying a guard in a bathroom where no one else in around. Like, what the hell am I supposed to do? I stand straight to unfairness and stupidity in the game, lose the whole run, merces and call it a day?


Play in normal until IOI rebalances HC, pretty much everyone hate how HC currently works.

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Depends on the kind of explosion. Was it an accident? Did anyone else get killed?

You get spotted through the open window here. I wish we could have some privacy in that stupid bathroom. :joy:


Talk about balancing, all the normal levels in HC are still considered easy and dandy, until the whole lot of lookouts and assassins throws at my face in a single building, with usual NPC, plus tripled the amount of wanderer enforcers in HC seek-and-kill mission. Very balanced too.

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Lol, the bathroom in the second floor is completely safe, 100% privacy. But, yeah, I guess I got caught in action by some npcs.

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My bad, I thought you were talking about the ground floor bathroom, not the first floor bathroom (never got spotted in that one).

You should check following threads:

Here u can get general idea what works differently.

And this for reporting.
HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread

I myself encountered Superman level vision guards twice. By far I think most annoying is that my own tie choking me in Whitleton Creek and I must wait 30 seconds to see my briefcase and stuff after starting map. It’s better to just wait for it to be fixed.

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No, you are right. I was talking about the bathroom in the ground floor. Hmm, sometime I hide the body unnoticed, sometime not even when I double-checked the yard if any npc is looking in. My guess is 47’s model got a little exposed when trigger hiding animation and an NPC saw his big back. :neutral_face:

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Sure thing, I will go check them out.

Thanks for those interesting details.

Probably one of the worst bug to happen in Freelancer mode :grimacing:

That is a legit case of ALT+F4ing if necessary :+1: