Progress from Epic to Steam in 2022?

Any confirmation if this is gonna be the case next year or are we stuck on Epic now? or you guys think this could be possible to play both on Epic and steam if you wanna double dip?

I mean it’s not unimaginable that the Steam game would run on the same servers as Epic so that you can switch between versions since that’s how the PS4 and PS5 servers function. They’d just need to add a step where you link Steam and Epic together to verify that the player profile from Epic on the servers is yours.

But no, there’s been no confirmation of anything whatsoever about non-Epic for PC other than the exclusivity period is for one year, and even that’s an indirect confirmation.

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That’s what i was thinking. In fact, If you carried over your maps/progression on pc to h3 then you already have both you Steam and Epic accounts linked. Im mainly asking since im also hoping for VR on pc if it launches on steam next year, i dont mind getting the game again for that alone but i dont really want to lose my gloved suits that i been gathering since H1…

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At this very moment we are stuck with Epic as IOI only confirmed that progress transfer is a one-time thing only.
We don’t know anything else so far. And as exclusivity period is still on, I think IOI themselves don’t know how things will evolve after it ends. And as there wasn’t any info so far, it can’t be excluded that exclusivity period can be prolongued or will stay like that forever.
Though I don’t think IOI will do something like that. But they can surprise, so until offcial info arrives, nothing can be told with confidence.
As the exclusivity perioid is ongoing, IOI can’t say something else on that matter.
My guess that the news will arrive either shortly before January 2022 or most likely after.
So we need to be patient a little more


Yeah I guess I would just ask in case there was any new info I didnt know about, I guess only time will tell then. Really trusting IO on this one, hope they let us at least do that for those who are such fans that dont care about double dipping. Thanks guys.

I have to shamefully admit that I’m still in the camp of hoping that the game never releases on Steam. It’s completely inane and selfish of me I’m sure, but the number of times I’ve seen people assume that IOI will just have to do some amazing thing for the “steam release” has gotten so annoying. I know there are people who are (at least publicly saying they are) still holding out for the game to come out on Steam for various reasons (either they hate Epic, want all of their games “in one place” for some reason, or just want to wait for the inevitable sale).

Personally, If the game ever does release on Steam, I won’t be buying it or playing it there. I’ve uninstalled Hitman 1 and 2 at this point and probably won’t ever bother to reinstall them. The game runs fine (for me at least) on Epic and I have no issues with it there. I don’t see any point on installing it via Steam except for possibly VR functionality if that ever arrives on PC.



Once again, IO haven’t confirmed that. They’ve only confirmed that transferring progress from HITMAN 2 to HITMAN 3 is a one-time thing. They’ve not said anything whatsoever about HITMAN 3 to HITMAN 3. Why do you insist on continuing to spread this specific piece of misinformation?

I mean exactly that.
For now there is no other options exist, only H2->H3

Yep, that sounds like a good reason to me :upside_down_face:


Yessss! I dislike having my games in different launchers, and I like to have everything in one place, though i agree it probably does not bother me that much.

For me the launcher just “the windows start menu” or the icon I put on my desktop. I don’t care whether Steam, Epic, GOG, Origin, or Uplay actually contains the game files.

You can put me in the camp of hoping your PC dies and that you never get your hands on a new one, in that case… :grin:


Is that also a shameful admission?

I mean to each their own i guess, i do admit i would prefer to have all my games in one library (been using GOG galaxy and its an interesting first nice step) but honestly in the end the result is what matters the most.

Also what i can understand from the transferring disclaimer from IO is that is from H2 to H3 meaning you will never be able to transfer from H2 again (those special rewards or escalations), but I still believe it shouldn’t be too hard to connect both steam and epic’s account to simultaneously play on any platform if you own the game respectively. I think you can do that in Hades and in Darkest Dungeon, and we already have all in one single account in the case of Hitman 3, so why not? its a win/win for everyone.

Schatenjager has a point too, what if the game doesn’t even comes to steam xD, now that would actually be funny.

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