Progress Transfer Discussion

So I was one of the people that decided not to transfer my progress over from H2 to H3. This was mainly because I wanted to grind all the challenges from scratch again. There was also the launch issues but I won’t get into that. Since I didn’t transfer my progress I didn’t get access to some items that are basically exclusive to transferring progress, such as the Travel Briefcase, performance coins and also some seasonal outfits which will probably become available anyway.

Since I’m the type of person that likes to 100% things and have all the unlockables at my disposal this annoyed me a bit, considering I have played H1 and H2. Do you think IO will enable players who didn’t transfer progress (due to problems, whatever) to get access to this exclusive stuff? Started thinking about this a lot more recently because I heard about the H2 Elusive target completion unlocks coming.

TL;DR - Do you think IO will enable people who didn’t progress transfer but played the previous games to get access to the “exclusive progress transfer” items.

No, I don’t think they will.

Like elusive target unlocks in the past, IO have shown they’re very happy with allowing items to be locked off for people who weren’t there when the initial window to unlock was open. So any “exclusive items” from previous games they wouldn’t let you unlock in H3

However if you did have an “exclusive item” unlocked in H2 and wanted it carrying through to H3, well IO did enable you to transfer it already. It was the progress transfer

I can’t personally see them making a feature that allows people to transfer across just specific pieces of their inventory


@Dexim - if you were prepared to wipe out your H3 progress and re-do anything you’d already completed up to now, you could still transfer your H2 progress over and - if you’d already played The Deceivers in H2 - still have a chance of 100%-ing every last thing in the WoA trilogy in HITMAN 3?

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I’ve definitely been tempted, the H3 levels aren’t too bad to grind imo. I’d have re-download H2 to see if I’ve completed the deceivers, I can’t remember for the life of me.

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Don’t mind me as I stroll around with my Black Winter Suit, Travel Briefcase, and ICA Outstanding Performance Coin.