Progression Carryover on my XBOX: only partly listed correctly

Update from today:
(might be interesting for anybody who did not execute the carryover yet)

Since I could not find any answers or support I just executed the progression carryover today. Three important things I noted:

  1. Although not displayed properly, it did indeed take all EP collected per location + lifetime EP.
  2. My special items (weapons, suits, etc.) did not show up directly after the carryover execution but only after restarting my XBOX (and the game) one more time.
  3. It did not take the very latest progress from Hitman 2 however but instead seems to take exactly the state that the carryover tool found (and exported) in its very first run.

Explanation and background for topic no 2:

Since the carryover tool did not display my XBOX account properly (but just a generic label) I started Hitman 2 again and played a bit to raise my EP and my hitman level.
Then I ran the progression tool again (always only to the point where it exports the Hitman 2 data; not until the very end of course) and realized that the export / carryover data didn’t change / was outdated. My conclusion: the progression carryover tool exports the data only once (and then always takes that export file).

Long story short: the stupid and artificial “can only be done once” limitation also already applies to the export step - and not just to the final execution of the tool.

Well done, IOI! Poor implementation and poor support. I really hope to see a significant improvement soon!
(comparison: WB games not only offers real support but also answers very fast. I had a support request for Hitman 2 and received a reply within less then 12 hours!)

Dear hitmanforum community,

This is my very first post here and I did browse and double-check known issues and technical support before posting. Should it still be in the wrong place or actually been reported / answered somewhere else feel free to move or delete it again.

I have a problem with the progress carryover and don‘t want to just try and execute it in that state because it is only possible once.

Description is below. Many thanks for any pointer / advice or experience report with a similar issue.

Have a great Monday,


  1. The progression carryover site displays a generic XBOX account with the label “XBOX live account” instead of the correct account / profile name. Does anybody have a similar issue? How can I be sure that this is my account?
  2. The player level listed is correct, the XP value is not (fully completed training facility progress is missing; the Paris mission is listed correctly, overall XP not displayed / not correct)