Project 007 cutscene ideas

Hello everyone, I’m Iran. Here we can post ideas about cut-scenes in P007.
So my ideas: Bond passing 47 who is sitting on a bench reading a newspaper, 47:“You’re lucky this list doesn’t bear your name” Bond: laughs “Jokes are for friends and I don’t need one”. [another cut scene] bond sees 47, Bond: “Who knows maybe someday, someone will owe me your blood money” 47: “Why is it that people who can’t take advice always insist on giving it, and why is it that dreamers don’t see real nightmares before their eyes”. [47 foreshadows something is going to happen to Bond]

Why should 47 be in there?


Cause its a Hitman developer company, it has to have a strong reference like 47 being there, and I think it will be cool.

Nonsense. GTA and RDR are both by Rockstar Games. Should Franklin or Michael be in RDR?

It will, but why? Give me a reason story wise and I’ll go with it. Just one.

Ok, I just wanted to give an idea

There already is a thread.

this is cut-scene specific, that is a general speculation

Cutscenes are a glitch of the story which are unplayable. So for this you need to speculate the story. Whilst we know nothing about story, isn’t it out of mind to speculate a cutscene?

In 2010 I was working as a game play programmer in an Atari secret project that we were working on multiple (as far as I remember 10) games made for a console that Atari was making that was a groundbreaking device in the gaming industry and far ahead of ps3, xb360, wii, and topnotch pcs. The game that I was working on was codenamed “007: never fall” and we wanted to put agent 47 in one of the cut-scenes and the first dialogue in my comment is what 47 and 007 were supposed to say in the encounter. In that game the cut-scenes had a very significant part of the gameplay. At the end, the projects costed Atari too much and their patrons got uninterested so, they plugged off both the console and its games from existence. I just wanted some part of my wasted work get revived.


Actual 47? It’s like saying Nintendo makes a new Mario game and adds Sonic without Sega’s approval, or Master Chief making a cameo in Half-Life.

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That’s why it was a secret™ project, dude.

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