Providence HQ? Real or VR?

In the cutscene of H2, we can see the structure used as the VR meeting background.

Some people might think that this was just VR too, but then it leaves a question: Why IOI showed it from the outside?

IOI probably chose to place it where it is for a reason, and I assume the reason is to make the place look secure.

So there are two possibilities:

IOI: (Shows a location that looks extremely secure)
less than a minute later
IOI: Ha! It was just VR!

It’s an actual location (whether someone’s in there or not).

If it’s the real place, it also leaves a question: What’s its purpose?
We know it gets used as a VR hub, but there must be another reason for it if it actually exists. It might be the actual Providence HQ, storage, or just a place for cameras for VR meeting background. It could be anything.

If you have any theory about this mysterious place, please share it here!

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Is it just me or does the subtitle in the screenshot make it look like the mountain range and HQ is just in Berlin? lol

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One way to think about it:
It is VR.
IOI showed it from outside to trick us.

How I thought:
It is VR.
But wait, IOI showed it from outside!
Did they do it only to trick us for less than a minute?
There might be more reason for it!

Haha, maybe I should replace it with a closer one.


The question for me is only if the pyramid is real or not.


  • Your IP is not visible to other (compromised) partners but only locally to the hardware of the pyramid, like a proxy


  • The pyramid is able to be compromised
  • The pyramid can break
  • The pro reason is too much of a big-brain moment for this plot

That’s why I’m guessing there might be another usage for it if it’s real.


can you help settle this? if left to fester, i fear it will tear this community asunder.

I wouldn’t put it past Providence to build a giant private network hub shaped like an evil pyramid:

  • for the aesthetic, and
  • in the bombed out ruins of the ICA training facility, so IOI could reuse the mountain background again to flex on Soders

Found this thread on Google. My theory is that from what I’ve gathered It’s both. The building itself is real and the interior is real. But using the VR headset triggers like some sort of hologram or projection inside the building. It is not that hard to believe because we’ve seen that big brain hologram/projection in the underground part of Haven.


I don’t understand why people consider this pyramid being a physical place.
The fact that it’s floating mid-air doesn’t ring any bells?

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It’s actually suspended by cables. But yeah, it’s design is… certainly unique :sweat_smile:

Also just to through my opinion in, I think it’s a real place


i think somebody talks about it in Mendoza. named “The Pyramid”


They’re at least one cable short in that case.

To me they looked more like beams to signify connection status of the three partners.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I wouldn’t want it to be real. That structure is just 47’s ultimate accident kill waiting to happen. But it’s bordering on too much UFO technology to fit in the Hitman universe.

Imagine how cteepy that would be. People meeting in VR while their holograms meet in a physical place out of human reach and mimic the discussion.

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Nah, it’s a tetrahedron, so it only needs three. Mind you the picture in the OP does make it look like it look it has 4 sides :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This shot is better to show it

Yeah, it’s pretty silly. Like it’s definitely a do-able piece of technology, it’s just a bit silly


I have absolutely no frame of reference for meetings that don’t take place physically :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s called fashion The Aesthetic look it up

more like THE SILLY™

Yet another reason billionaires shouldn’t exist: no one can tell them when they’re making fools of themselves

i think we just need trillionaires to fix the issue)