PS+ Games Thread

I know a lot of this community is in Europe or Asia, bso it might be different for you. Here are the PS+ games of February

It REALLY SUCKS that they are making Control: Ultimate Edition a free game when they recently put the game on sale. I got caught and bought it. Had I seen this one day later, I would be stuck. Sony has a 14-day return policy on digital games if you have not downloaded or played them yet. Today was day 14 for me.

Regardless, getting 2 free PS5 games is great. I own Concrete Genie. It is short, but a really nice game. Definitely check it out.


Isn’t it always the way though? It has happened to me dozens of times.


I got lucky. Today being the 14th day and the fact that I had not downloaded it (cuz the upgrade drops 2/2), I got my refund!


Haven’t had a good game there for a long time

What do you mean? January was a great month for PS+. Was only bad for me because I owned all three of the games already.

It’s entirely subjective :wink:

Of course it is, but please tell me what is bad to the point of not owning the game about Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Maneater or Greedfall, especially when they are free?

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There is no bad part about it, I got the games this month but I know I’m never going to play them :confused:
(Exclusing maneater)

All I want is shadow of the colossus for ps+ as I don’t want to spend 40 bucks on a game that I used to own on ps2 :’(

I feel the same way about Demon’s Souls on PS5 (which I own for PS3)

Shadow of the Colossus is currently $13 on PSN. There ya go!

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So, if i have PSN I get a discount for it? If it’s a yes, I can finally cry myself to sleep thinking about how much fun I used to have playing it :blush:

It says that it is on sale til 2/11. Regular price is $20

Hm, could’ve sworn it was 40 or 30.

And I thought you were talking about psnow and not the ps store :sweat_smile:

Either way, thank you so much!

See if you can get a refund, even if you may have already downloaded it. I’ve heard that Sony has been a lot more forgiving with sale purchases close to PS+ announcements, and refunding people (sometimes automatically). Just explain your case clearly and you should be good.

Edit: (Oh never mind you got it. Good.)

Personally, I’m super hyped for this next month’s PS Plus, since it’ll really build out my PS5 library.

I already own Control, but I was one of the people burnt by the Ultimate Announcement being the only version with next-gen features and performance. So, being able to snag that PS5-compatible version for free – as it should have been – is very nice.

I’m pretty hyped for Destruction: All-Stars. We only just got a gameplay showcase with a new State of Play, and it looks good, but hopefully it translates well to actually playing it.
(Also it’s just great that they’re giving out this multiplayer-centric new $70 title for free. This means the only price of admission is the just online subscription instead of buying a 70$ ticket that needs another $10-60 for it to work.)

Concrete Genie is something I was excited for before It came out, but when it eventually did I didn’t really feel an urge to buy it. It pleases me greatly to know that I’m gonna get it for free.

So, all in all, it’s looking like a great month, maybe even the best (if Destruction is as fun as it looks) given there’s a good chunk of AAA and big First-party titles.
And I don’t even own a PS5!

El Pollo!
(@TheChicken )

You missed this!

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Ah, I got it just before you replied! (I edited my comment)

But thanks! Good to hear

I appreciate you trying to help!

I’m more than sure that SotC remake/remaster was already on ps+ a year or more ago because that’s how I played it. I don’t know if ps+ games ever cycle a second time.

Played it through about 6 times on my ps5 and 100% it. Absolutely amazing game, especially due to the fact it was my first ever experience with it.

Also funny that the remake seems like a mini tech demo for the updated demon’s souls, both done by bluepoint games I believe. Haven’t even played the new DS yet so that’s what I’m crying over right now haha

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Damn, already have Control, but I’ve heard so many good things about Concrete Genie, so not all is bad.

@LiveAndLetBald It was a free PS+ game last March.
@StevenBradley I got Concrete Genie last year. Short, but very enjoyable.


Revival incoming:

January 2022 games are
-Deep Rock Galactic
-Persona 5 Strikers
-Dirt 5

I’m content with this month, DRG will certainly be a fun game to play for a few hours. The procedurally generated caves and limited objectives will see to it that the game gets bland and dry after the initial experiences. Not always we get a racing game, and DIRT is actually alright. I won’t play it any time soon but there’s potential down the line for sure.
P5 Strikers is the 2nd game following P5 royale, so it’s pointless to start with it. I wish I had the time to get into this style of RPG but I’ve never really had enough time for it to appeal to me.

An OK month, I’d have prefered other games but this selection is quite fair. Especially considering some of 2021s atrocities.

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