(PS4) Crashing on last kill Berlin/Apex Predator

I got all the way through the mission Suit only, Silent assasin but keep freezing then ps4 blue screen. Extremely frustrating because it ruined two of my master attempts in a row. If anyone else knows what to do about this let me know.

Sadly I don’t remember the names of the agents, but two of them were causing game crashes for me when even simply attempting to pacify them.
Only thing I can advise you is maybe do a hard reboot of your console first (it’s when you unplug the power cable and plug it back in a few seconds) and try to start a completely new game, not using any save files. If it still won’t work, choose another agent(s) to eliminate. There are 11 of them on the location, so pretty much to choose from.
I believe this thing is aknowledged and will be fixed in a future updates