PS5 crash and connectivity

Have 40+ hours lodged with no issues at all on my ps5, was half way through a mission when it froze and ever since I haven’t been able to connect to the online servers, it’s been 9 hours now, I’ve done a fresh install, router reboot, connection test, deleted my save file, everything I can think of.

So now I’m wondering how alone I am with this and if anyone has an idea on a fix or a time to be fixed or something??

your not alone i didnt delete any files. but did the rest. im on the west coast and no connection all day and its still down what is going on. also they haven’t put out any updates

We don’t, but the dev team said that they’re looking into it.

Players are encountering a ‘failed to fetch profile information’ error. This is most prominent on PS4/PS5.
Status : We are aware of the issue and investigating a fix.

You are not alone. Yesterday I played the whole day and today I can’t even connect. It stops at fetching people. I’m south AL. So I guess it’s nation wide problem

Yesterday I erased everything from my PS5 . The Game the local savings everything. Reinstalled everything and guess what. IT WORKED…for about an hour. Then it froze up and now the same story. Can’t log in. This becomes more and more ridiculous . Its the 6 day after release and still didn’t fix the problem. I really regret that I wasted my money on the Game. A million Dollar company and not be able to fix a problem.

East cost guy here with an ethernet connection and a PS5, I’ve only been getting minor disconnections that go away instantly. On launch day the results screen paused after Dubai and later I could not connect for maybe a half an hour to an hour. Today the loading icon went on forever when restarting Chongqing though, had to restart the game.

I don’t think erasing data or resetting your router does anything. You are definitely not alone however because literally everyone is saying this.

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