PS5 Disc cant access content

Hi, i tried the Hitman 3 Starter pack and later chose to purchase the disc edition. I still cant access all content.

Tried restoring licenses.

Deleted and created new IO accounts.

Still shows linked statter pack but not game.

Please help

Are you still running the game from the Starter Pack install? I would wipe it and then reinstall the game from the disc. The console (and everything else) wouldn’t care that you have the disc inserted if you’re running a digital version of the game.

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I deleted all content completely and reinstalled choosing not to install starter pack. Still not working.

The starter pack still shows in my new IO account, but not the game

Ive installed the ps4 version and it works completely. Hitman 3 now showing in my IO account.

However when i try the ps5 version, it shows get access?