PS5 Dualsense and sniping

To any who has the PS5 version, does the dualsense improve the sniping in Hitman3 in your opinion ? I remember IOI said that H3 will use the adaptive triggers. It is useful to avoid accidental shots while aiming with the slow time feature ? That happens to me quite a lot on the PS4, since my fingers are not very strong.

Its quite hard to pull the trigger to shoot, you have to get used to it but then its feels kinda nice.


FYI, there’s a new feature on consoles. You can hold the L1 button while aiming a sniper to slow down time, no need to lightly hold the trigger, praying it doesn’t fire off a shot.


That’s great news! I actually prefer no rumble or feedback of any kind on a controller. To make It’s a video game where you hit buttons to control the screen, not an immersive experience where you forget it’s a game.

Thanks, didn’t know that, I will try it !

Thanks, I hope it’s not too hard because I may move the whole controller while pulling the trigger. I guess I don’t have the hands of a great sniper.

Its quite hard, i hope we’ll get some options for that soon.