PS5 Hitman 3 where is the PS4 version?


I have a PS5 disc version of Hitman 3 VR and claimed the code ‘VR access’.

I’d like to understand if I am now forced to play the VR mode on PS5 only (using backward compatibility) or is there a way to download a digital PS4 version on my PS4 pro?
On my PS5 I can only see the PS5 version (there is no PS4 version installed and I cannot choose what version to play like I can for other PS4/PS5 games).

Also, when I access my library on PS4 Pro I cannot see Hitman 3 PS4 version available to download and if I go to the store all versions of Hitman 3 needs to be purchased.

I’d like the option to have a digital copy of Hitman 3 on PS4 so I can play the VR version in that console instead of connecting the VR to PS5 and I was under the impression this was possible as IO claimed we will get a digital version of Hitman 3 PS4 with every PS5 purchase.

Can someone clarify how to do that?

Hello, Vince. Welcom to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, I am pretty sure it doesn’t work this way. Any current-gen version of HITMAN 3 will include a next-gen upgrade. But as you claimed, you bought the PS5 disc version. Even though it will include a digital PS4 version for VR function, you will still need to insert your disc to play it. So you will have to purchase another copy if you want to play on your PS4 Pro.

Thanks for your reply. I could have gotten a PS4 version and upgraded that to the PS5 version but I got the PS5 because I thought the digital version for PS4 would be included and playable on PS4. What a shame they did not make it clear. I tweeted IO as well let’s see what they say.

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Damn. In Russian store PS5 version costs more than PS4. Now PS4 version is gone, and game costs on 1000 RUB more than preorder. What a shame

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Yeah, I am sorry that you get confused by those instructions. They are a little bit too complicated. I believe this is the paragraph of the official statement you’re looking for. Since you can’t insert a PS5 disc on your PS4 Pro, there’s nothing you can do other than repurchase.

When making a physical disc purchase, you’ll need to insert the current gen disc into your next gen console and you’ll be able to download the next-gen version for no additional cost. Simply keep the disc in your machine whenever you want to play and you’ll be good to go.

This is not the truth! On the PS5 Retail Package you can read that the PS4 Verson is included and there is a Reedem Code inside. But even after activationi can not download the PS4 Version to use the VR.

I actually created a thread just an hour ago about this problem and the only way to solve this by now, which is stupid, I know, and I can’t do it, because I don’t have PS5 and I got that bonus PS4 copy from someone on Twitter.