[PS5] Legacy Pack not available anymore

Can anyone help met out; about a year ago I bought Hitman (2016) GOTY and Hitman 2 via PS Store. I completed Hitman 100% (all PS trophies) and intended to the same with Hitman 2.

With Hitman GOTY it was possibile to redeem a code in order to obtain the required Legacy Pack for
Hitman 2 for a 100% completion. Onfortunately I missed completely that IOI ceesed selling all DLC for Hitman 2 since march 2023 because of Hitman WOA.

Now I am stuck at 50% in Hitman 2 with no option to download the DLC. The only option I have is by console sharing, I read on other forums.

Is anyone willing to help me out with this? Somebody who owns Hitmans 2 + all DLC. I live in The Netherlands, don’t know if this matters for console sharing. I would be very, very grateful.

HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2 content have been delisted to streamline and avoid confusion when it comes to HITMAN 3 now rebranded as HITMAN: The World of Assassination as of the Freelancer Update which is the definitive way IOI wants players to experience the game and it’s story.

As of now the only current way to get Legacy Packs of any capacity is if you have a code for one that isn’t expired or used. How you go about that is up to you.

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Thanks Swangtheugly; I didn’t describe it correctly: I don’t have the change anymore to redeem my code from Hitman GOTY anymore simply because I was to late. If I had done this before march 2023 there wasn’t any problem indeed, I would be owner of all the DLC.

I see on different forums there a few people like me in the same situation. No help from IOI or whatsoever.