PS5 VR code work on base ps4 or just ps5 Backwards Compatibility?!

So if we bought game on psn store it show ps4/5 game … mean you get both ps4/5 version

i dont know when bought ps5 disc version how can we access free ps4 copy? ps5 do read ps4 disc

but ps4 wont read ps5 disc

the vr code in ps5 version box just Backwards Compatibility running on ps5???

or we do get a free base ps4 version?!

thank you

If the PS4 version you get via the insert in the PS5 case isn’t showing in your downloads list on a PS4 console, then I’m guessing that it’s a special PS4 build that can only be played on a PS5 console specifically for VR.

Though the insert doesn’t detail any sort of restriction like this on it, so I don’t see why you couldn’t download it onto a PS4 as long as you’re signed into the same PSN account.

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how i buy your code?
how i contact you?
i have an account with uncharted 1-4 and journey digital

i pay you $20 i will send you my account log in

then you use your ps5 redeem code under my psn account in your ps5 hitman menu.

i just need this hitman 3 game on ps4

we cool?!

Complete install your PS5 game and play HITMAN 3(online required)
Find VR mode access from main menu and open,then follow what webstore say.
ENSURE the code is redeemable under your playstation account region.

who can help me sell their code for $20?!

you will get and keep uncharted 1-4 and journey digital