PSVR Hitman 3 - Option to Remove Chest Orb Graphic

Just started playing Hitman 3 PSVR, graphics are great, it’s clear, good job!

However the only annoying thing is this Chest Orb. Please allow an option to remove it visually (in the next update) - I removed all other HUD elements, and it’s great, but this chest orb keeps being in the way, and it’s the only HUD item I can’t seem to make disapear.

(In addition, where I naturally rest my controller while just walking around seems to always trigger this orb so that it goes even bigger, too.)

I get why it’s there, but after a few minutes of knowing how to use it, I can remember how to put away my items, I don’t need the constant visually glowing chest orb there. So I would like the HUD option to hide it.

(I also do find it odd how 47 walks with his arm outstretched at all times, too, although that’s probably harder to figure out a fix for.)

Personally, I wouldn’t mind just pushing up on the D-Pad (or another key) to put away the items like in regular Hitman, rather than using a chest orb, that’s easier and quicker. But as long as I can hide this Chest Orb, it would be great, as this constant glowing orb in front of me in my visual view is really, really distracting and just when I start to get immersed, I spot this glowing orb again just floating there.


PS: Does anyone like this chest orb there at all times?
Would others like it removed / auto hide as well?
What’s your thoughts?

Didnt see no option to disable it. I guess its there to stay. Weird since they could have easily let us put away stuff with the d-pad. Would have been even easier imo. But hey maybe in a later patch.

Did you happen to find out what the blinders option does? Couldnt tell a difference.

And why i gotta be always in that blue vr box thingy? Is there a way to turn that off?

That blue VR box does go away, after a few seconds, as long as you are “in it”. If you aren’t in the VR box, maybe because you moved, it will display there as a reminder that you should be in it.

Basically, holding the “START” button for a few seconds while staring straight ahead should reset your position, and the blue box should disappear in a few seconds.

If not, then the PS Camera may be too far (or too close) to you. Adjust the distance so it can see where you are better, or aim it up and down accordingly. When you are in the center of the camera, hold the START button on your controller for a few seconds, then the blue box should fade away.

Hope that explanation helps!

The Blinders fades the edges of the screen when you move, turn or run. Supposedly helps for motion sickness.

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Thanks for the reply!
I guess im sitting too far away then. Had the blue box constantly visible while playing.