Public apology 4 years later

Hi, it’s me, Tekno1. Idk how many of you might remember me, (for the sake of a visual reminder i had a bunch of Nicolas Cage profile pictures). I was an active member for less than a year until i ended up causing some trouble in spring/summer of 2019, was warned multiple times in the span of a few weeks and then banned.

Well, i’ve finally come here to apologise. I am sorry for the drama, the insults, the inappropriate behavior, the awful tasteless and edgy memes and the headache i gave to the moderators, despite the multiple warnings.

I was a 15 year old edgelord with poor social skills, and my actions were a mix of edginess, stubborness, not understanding the world and the topics i talked about, naivity, negative online influences, negative social traits and also genuinely not understanding others due to my ASD

In the last 4 years i have changed, grown and matured as a person, become educated about the world, vastly improved my social skills and the tasteless edgy memes i once found amusing, i now largely find disgusting and egregious

I dont really have any intention of trying to become an active member again, i really just wanted to apologize


Apology accepted. But honestly, no clue who you are. :rofl:


Apology accepted! though it’s been long enough that I can’t remember if we ever interfaced :joy:

I’m happy to hear that you’ve grown and matured! Always love to hear that people are making progress in their personal lives :relieved:


So I was never around on this forum back then to see any of what you’ve described but it is welcomed and I’m sure all of the admin team on here really appreciate you saying this.

I’m an online moderator myself on another gaming forum and I’m no stranger to having to deal with outbursts and such but what really makes it worthwhile in the end is that through the actions that we unfortunately have to take as moderators, it is the general hope that the offender in question learns from their mistakes and reflects upon the actions that caused them to be suspended/banned permanently. It sounds like you have truly learnt and improved your own behaviour after growing older and discovering more about the world and yourself so that is great to see!

Thank you again for saying that and I hope that this provides some satisfying closure for you as you move on from that chapter in your life and head forth for pastures new as you have been doing!

All the best and have a good day! :smiley:


BAN!!! :joy:

Also, by making a new account you circumvented your original ban, which deserves a ban as well.