Purchased / but not linked to my account / cant play?

Hi I purchased Hitman 3 standard edition, THEN also bought the Trilogy.

The game is downloaded into my PS5 but still says “get access” and wants me to buy it. I linked my user (same email as my PSN account) and the games are not listed on my ioi account, says I only have the free starter pack.

Any tips here?


Hello there. Which locations of the game show you the “get access” prompt? I would like to know a few things:

  1. Could you log in to your game?

  2. Is it the H1 locations (Paris to Hokkaido), H2 locations (Hawkes’ Bay to IoS), H2 Gold locations (NY, Haven Island, and 2 sniper maps), or H3 locations (Dubai to Carpathian Mountains) that shows you the “gain access” prompt?

  3. What page does it show after you click the “gain access” prompt? Is it a PSN store page for the game?

Lastly, it would be helpful if you could provide screenshots for your issue. Or smartphone pictures, they will do too. You may also want to try contacting the official IOI player support channel if you have further problems. Just click the “submit a request” button on the top right of the following page:


Don’t know where else to put this, so I’m dropping it here and hopefully it’ll help SOMEONE. :joy:

I’m on Xbox. Not sure if PS and PC (like Steam or Epic) work the same way, but on Xbox, if their service is down, Hitman (specifically) WILL NOT work. I think it’s because the ioi servers verify what content you own through Microsoft’s store. So if that service is down, no verification.

I have this link bookmarked to my phone: Xbox Support

This link is for Playstation: https://status.playstation.com/

All of my Hitman 3 content is digital (Deluxe edition + 7DS + ALL content from the first two games). Whenever Xbox has a problem (especially Account & Profile or Store & Subscriptions) Hitman 3 doesn’t work. When I load up the game it shows I own absolutely zero content and tells me to “Get Access”.

So the first thing I check is the link above, Xbox Support.

Again, not sure if PS or PC does it like that too!? Also no clue if this relates to the problem in here!? :rofl:

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On PS5, there are small “DLCs” that are only 1MB files that the game looks for to unlock the relevant content - each location has their own “DLC”. If you highlight the game on the main menu and push the Options button and select “Manage Game Content” and then it’ll take you to the page with all the DLC for the game that you own and you can manually download them all (which you’ll have to do individually).

Though if you’re attempting to play the locations from the earlier games on the H3 Standard that you own, you might have to delete it and download the Trilogy since it may handle this differently.

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Solved - turns out Hitman was logged in to a previous user on the playstation who had used the free starter pack. I deleted that user from the IOI accounts then was able to log in with the proper user.

Would be nice to have a log out / unlink directly on the game but at least I can play now.

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Welcome to the world of assassination. Finally. :rofl:

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