Question About Anathema AI/Source Code

I am going through Anathema repeatedly and learning and perfecting everything in order to make a video on it. I am really curious about how the AI of the Don’s brother works. It seems that if I don’t do anything, and remain situated, the brother and the son will always stick together. Well, it seems that sometimes even if he never sees me, something I am doing as I sneak through the level is causing his AI to change. It’s possible he sees me on the balcony while he’s down by the pool, and just doesn’t react visibly but still registers that he has seen me. Sometimes he will start pacing back and forth while the son goes about his usual routine of going upstairs and onto the balcony, when otherwise they would always both make their laps up the balcony and back to the pool together.

I really wish I could look at the source code but to my knowledge its not available. Does anyone here who has played this game since it came out, who has more knowledge, have any useful information about the AI of this NPC, and what causes his to break his routine or get back into it. It’s hard to tell whether what I’m experiencing is just a glitch, or if it’s because of something I am doing/triggering.

Thank you.

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Long time since I played Hitman 2 SA, but for what I remember, the brother and the son moves togheter inside the villa: they starting togheter from the pool’s area, moving inside the Don’s office, and from there they split theyr path, but now I don’t remember exactly theyr routine.

Once you are spotted in your suit, they should instantly go into combat (as any other guard), but if you’re in disguise, they should not immediately engaging you, but instead moving still closer to you until your cover is blown, and then begin to shoot you. Keep in mind that disguises are basically useless on this mission, apart some as postal and delivery boy which are both limited anyway.

Back to your question: are you using a disguise? This could explain theyr behavior, because as I said, once you are spotted in disguise they will try to reach your position to blow your cover (notice that this behaviour it’s also shared by any guard in the map, best thing to do in this mission it’s to avoid any enemy sight).


Yeah I was in a guard disguise. I think he must have seen me on the balcony while he was down at the pool, but he couldn’t figure out how to reach me and glitched out.

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Well, I guess that is the reason. Keep in mind Anathema is an unique mission, as I said disguises are useless here. It’s better to avoid any guard’s sight and plan carefully your route.

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