Question about one handed smgs

This is about 4 of the unlock-able smgs the dak x2 covert the slapdash smg the brine damaged smg and the scrap smg all of them can be used with one hand but you can only bring two of them with you into a mission without a briefcase is this a bug or is it intentional

The 4 smgs

But you can only bring the slapdash and covert with you in the pistol slot also why can’t we bring the sawed off shotguns in the pistol slot

Most likely an oversight, considering the two that cannot be equipped in the concealed weapon slot are added to the game via paid DLCs. And they were introduced to the game much later, in the same update that also brought Freelancer mode.

It used to be possible in HITMAN 2, but later it was patched out due to a bug that could lead to some surprising scenarios. Such as the shotgun being actually not concealed, and you would be instantly spotted and getting arrested before you could do anything. IOI patched that so you can no longer bring the shotgun into a mission via concealed weapon slot.


The slapdash is from sloth so it is a dlc as well but I can bring that also the brine is from ambrose so not a paid dlc

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Sorry, I should address that whether being a DLC weapon doesn’t matter. What matters is when the guns were introduced to the game. The original DAK X2 Covert was a H2 gun, while the Slapdash variant was part of the Sloth DLC. They were both introduced earlier than the two that weren’t possible to equipped in the concealed weapon slot. Hence I said it’s likely an oversight.

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That makes a lot more sense I apologise for misunderstanding also should I put this smg thing in the bug report section or not

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They also patched the actual issue later. Just never brought it back for the loadout though.


Weird hope they add that back in

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